Teaching Seniors the Benefits of Medical Marijuana

The Goal - To educate and inform seniors on the benefits and exciting discoveries in the medical cannabis field. To encourage activism for legalization and create demand for safe access. Seniors vote and they talk to their representatives.


The Silver Tour goal is to educate the senior community of the United States about the medicinal value of cannabis. One way we hope to disseminate information is via our database of medicinal cannabis photographs and video footage. New media will be continually added as new material becomes available, so visit often to expand your knowledge of the cannabis plant and its value to you in your medical care repertoire.

The Silver Tour Trip to Washington, DC - June 17, 2013


Every Underwriter and Membership helps put "Should Grandma Smoke Pot?" on the air one more time. Like public broadcasting, we need Underwriters and Members to support us in ending cannabis prohibition once and for all. Momentum is on our side, now is the time push harder than ever to reach our goal.

You can become an underwriter for any amount you choose or choose a membership option.
Bronze Membership $25 - Silver Membership $50
Gold Membership $100 - Platinum Membership $1000

Silver Tour Membership Packages

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Platinum Member

Special Gift - One of Irv Rosenfeld's Federal Medical Marijuana Cans! These have sold at auction for up to $5000.00.

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