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Teaching Seniors the Benefits of Medical MarijuanaRecent polls show Americans favor legalization — with the exception of seniors. Why? Until Robert Platshorn, the man Billy Mays described as “a legendary Pitchman,” began reaching out to and educating seniors, this segment of society has been left in the dark regarding the exciting, advances and benefits of medical cannabis.

After a Silver Tour presentation, educated seniors are anxious to lobby for immediate "Safe Legal Access." The proof is in our two minute video.

The Silver Tour goes directly to senior community clubhouses, senior centers, auditoriums, and local libraries. The Tour is educational and entertaining. It features doctors, nurses, patients and lawyers who are recognized experts in their fields. We give attendees a free buffet and take the time to answer their questions. Local volunteers help at the tables. The first event in each city attracts the press, and Robert certainly gives them unexpected and exciting material to report.

Image and First Impression Our large, “The Silver Tour,” banner over the stage creates a clear first impression. A dozen big easels, each with reprints of recent medical reports, is positioned around the buffet and seats. Because stage time is limited, signs impart a great deal of our message and serve as conversation starters. The audience is provided sample letters to send to legislators demanding support. Addresses and phone numbers are provided, so that seniors can call and visit their politicians. Seniors have the time and inclination to make demands for things they need.

The Silver Tour needs your help! Support our work by contributing time or money. Seniors are the key to ending the prohibition of this vital medicine. Nothing frightens politicians like a huge group of seniors demanding support for medical marijuana. Robert Platshorn’s Silver Highway is the fast track to success.

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What Is Needed - Paid advertising and public venues, projectors, signs, buffet equipment, food, web and business expenses, travel expenses for speakers, printing handouts, promotional material, advertising, PR and administrative assistance.

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